Bulls superstar Derrick Rose may be content with his new 5-year, $94.8 million contract extension, but he shouldn’t be, according to MLB slugger Albert Pujols.

“What a moron!” exclaimed Pujols. “I’m like 20 years older than him and I got myself a 10-year, quarter billion dollar deal! He didn’t even bother to screw over all his devoted fans. Such a joke.”

According to Pujols, Rose was likely done in by not having a soulless agent like Dan Lozano represent him.

“B.J. Armstrong? Really?” asked Pujols. “Isn’t that guy in high school? He probably has no idea how to totally swindle an organization. My agent eats teams like the Angels for breakfast. Seriously. The dude eats people…probably.”

Heckler George