The Knicks made a big splash when they acquired Tyson Chandler to solidify the front court, but now with so much money upfront, the plan is to load the back court with every second-tier point guard available on the market.

“Mike [Bibby] is going to provide us with a body,” said Coach, Mike D’Antoni. “Baron [Davis] is not even going to provide us with that, so we’re still looking.”

With Bibby and Davis joining Toney Douglas and rookie Iman Shumpert in the back court, the Knicks feel they still need at least one more below league average point guard, whom they say would provide what they call “experience.”

“One thing this team needs was leadership at the point guard position,” D’Antoni added. “And with Bibby, we feel like we go the cream of the washed-up crop. But who’s gonna lead when he’s taking a breather?”

The Knicks tried desperately and ultimately failed to re-acquire Chris Duhon from the Magic, dangling Renaldo Balkman as bait. They then reached out to Denver for Andre Miller and Utah for Jamaal Tinsley, but no deals could be agreed upon.

Rumors leaked in early December that they tried to coerce Sam Cassell back on the court, but he had since returned to his home planet. There was even talk of bringing back fan favorite Nate Robinson, but the one fan who considered him his favorite told them not to.

Carmelo Anthony was asked who he’d like to see added, but could only come up with one unattainable name.

“It’s a shame we had to deal Chauncey [Billups] in the Tyson trade,” Melo said. “He’s exactly the type of washed-up leader this team needs.”