Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Inside source confirms Astros signal for a slider will be when Dusty Baker swallows...

New year, new manager, but the Astros are at it again. It only took a few days of spring training for sources to confirm how the Astros planned to relay signs to the hitters now that everyone knows about the trash can.

Josh Hamilton now addicted to awful comedy routines after Dempster trade

The Rangers created this debacle by sending Hamilton to the airport to welcome the new Ranger. Following a brief ride back from the airport, Hamilton exited the limousine wearing a Nolan Ryan jersey, spewing line after line about "letting pitchers stay in for 150 pitches" and "giving Robin Ventura a beat down."

Hawks re-acquire Kris Versteeg exclusively to rap new goal song

“We’ve been draining every ounce of energy from this song for several years,” said Bowman. “Honestly, at this point it’s become way too humble. Seriously. We’ve got rings, plural. Girls. Whirlpools. The guys are popping out babies left and right. It’s time to rap about it.”

Romo to lead Cowboys

IRVING - Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told the Dallas Morning News he was ready to be a team leader in 2009. But he didn’t say why. It wasn’t the criticism of former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, Romo wants to lead because girlfriend Jessica Simpson said it was okay for him to do so.

Collectors go wild as Topps releases Limited Edition ‘Trash McCann’ Astros rookie card

Topps has sent the baseball card collecting crazies into a frenzy with the release of their new 2017 limited edition Houston Astros card, Trash McCann.

Cubs schedule Tommy John surgery for Dempster in anticipation of today’s season-ending injury

"I've not been with the Cubs long, but I'm well aware of how cursed this franchise has been through the years," said team president Theo Epstein. "We're all dreading the very likely possibility that Ryan will blow out his elbow in Pittsburgh this afternoon."