The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Cowboys will make a run at Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis if Lewis becomes a free agent.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones believes the Cowboys are serious title contenders in 2010, and Lewis — a 13-year veteran — could make a difference inside the Cowboys locker room.

“He’s got two kills,” Jones said of Lewis. “And that gives him more street cred than just shooting guns like Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones.”

Lewis was charged with two murders after an altercation in Atlanta in 2000. Lewis later pled guilty to obstruction of justice charges and was fined by the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Jones said he likes to keep at least two felons on the roster in order to keep merchandise sales strong amongst gangbangers and wannabees.

“That stuff’s important,” Jerry Jones said. “In these bad economic times, we’ve got to make sure we cater to every market.”

When Pacman Jones is officially released from the team in February, Jerry Jones and son Stephen Jones the team’s general manager, have said they have enough salary cap room to sign Michael Vick as a backup quarterback when he is eligible for parole.

“If this doesn’t work and the Cowboys don’t win another Super Bowl in the next two years,” Jerry Jones said, “we’ll be going into the pirate business in Somalia.”

heckler editorial staff