The Bulls managed another milestone on Monday in an already remarkable season of lackluster play and mailing it in. They managed to lose to the Knicks, a team with even less heart than they have, 102-98.

“Man, I thought we didn’t give a [expletive deleted],” said Bulls guard Ben Gordon, who scored eight lackluster points while making just three of his 14 lackluster shots. “Those guys take not giving a [expletive deleted] to a new level. It’s amazing we were able to pull out a loss to them.”

The loss drops the crappy Bulls to 18-24, just a game ahead of the crappier Knicks (16-24). Both teams are miraculously within striking distance of the East’s final playoff spot, a testament to just how broken the NBA’s postseason system is.

New York guard Chris Duhon, who played for the Bulls in his four previous seasons, hit the game-winner with just over 30 seconds left.


“I was just going along and playing, going through the motions as usual,” Duhon said. “And then I looked up at the scoreboard and we were winning. And the game was almost over. And I said to myself, ‘We’re gonna win this thing.’ And then I started thinking about what I was going to do after the game and wondering when we were going to have to play again.”


Derrick Rose watch
The Bulls top draft pick scored 20 points and grabbed eight rebounds. He also missed a shot to tie it after Duhon (the guy the Bulls traded to make room for him) made what turned out to be the game-winner.


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The Bulls play Atlanta Tuesday night at the United Center, but they don’t seem too worried about it.

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