The Cubs continue to make moves designed to improve the team over the long haul. But considerable damage was perpetrated on the organization by Ryan Dempster when the starting RHP used his veto power to foil his trade to the Braves for highly regarded RHP prospect Randall Delgado last month.

Even though the Cubs managed to trade Dempster to the Rangers for two minor leaguers, Theo Epstein is said to be miffed by Dempster’s stubbornness at nixing the Braves deal and promises to bring him back to the Cubs next season as retribution.

“I envisioned the Cubs as having Delgado as our ace for years to come,” Epstein said. “Dempster is known as a comic, but what he did to my vision, and to the Cubs, isn’t funny. But we’ll see who has the last laugh when I bring him back here to pitch for us again next year.”

Jed Hoyer agreed, especially because Hoyer hastily spun his own wheels trying to trade Dempster to the Dodgers or Yankees after Dempster refused to be sent to Atlanta.

“Dempster will be back here next year all right,” Hoyer said. “But if Theo and mine’s rebuilding efforts are paying off for the Cubs by next year’s trade deadline, I swear I’ll use my San Diego connections and trade him to the Padres.”

By Rob C. Christiansen