Friday, March 1, 2024

Preds thrilled no Hawks fans will be in Nashville for Game 7

"It took our entire postseason run, but we finally found a way to 'Keep the Red Out," said Predators PR manager Bubby Brisco, Jr. "Ya'll Yankees think you can outsmart us, but ya'll was wrong."

Predators to arrest anyone who shows up to Game 1 in Blackhawks clothing

"Ya'll think ya'll can just come in our town, drink our beer, dance at our honky-tonks and cheer for your Blackhawks like ya'll was at ya'lls stadium," said Predators PR manager Bubby Brisco, Jr. "But let me tell ya'll something: That ain't how it's gonna be."

Blackhawks fans criticize Predators for sound business practice

“I can’t believe the Predators are trying to make more money when a hot team with a ton of traveling fans comes to town,” said Bill Wakowski, a Hawks fan from Naperville. “What do they think they’re doing, running a business or something?"

Chicago Bears Bingo — Week 9 (Tennessee Titans)

Play along as the Bears visit the Titans in Nashville in a game that will decide once and for all if Jay Cutler is a big-time quarterback. Probably.

Iowa Cubs fans displeased with having to pay Triple-A ticket prices just to watch...

“I’m not going to pay 12 bucks a ticket and $3.50 for a beer just to watch some double-A nobodies!” said Iowan Jud Purdue. “Logan Watkins?! Who is this schlub? I want real triple-A players. And at least a one quadruple-A stud.”

Albert Haynesworth to compete for Team USA in Olympic couch-sitting

"I'm really good at eating pork rinds," Haynesworth noted. "I'm glad somebody finally can put my skills to use. I'd like to show the world how good Americans are at watching TV and eating snacks."

Desperate to catch the Predators, Red Wings in talks with Chris Hansen for next...

After suffering a humiliating 4-1 first-round playoff series loss to Nashville, Red Wings GM Ken Holland is looking to sign the ultimate Predator-stopper, NBC News' Chris Hansen.