Plenty of fans visiting Wrigley Field this season have grumbled about paying full price to watch the Iowa Cubs on the roster make valiant attempts to stick in the big leagues. What Chicagoans might not realize is the trickle-down problem this has quickly become — with people in Des Moines upset over watching Smokies players, and rumblings in Tennessee about prospects the fans feel belong in Daytona or Peoria.

“I’m not going to pay 12 bucks a ticket and $3.50 for a beer just to watch some double-A nobodies!” said Iowan Jud Purdue. “Logan Watkins?! Who is this schlub? I want real triple-A players. And at least a one quadruple-A stud.”

The Iowa Cubs’ front office has bought itself some time by pointing out that nothing is ever certain for their heroes in the big leagues.

“We have released a statement letting fans know that these moves are probably only temporary,” said Rebecca Gain, VP of promotions for the Iowa Cubs. “Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson will almost certainly make triumphant returns. And, perhaps, one day Matt Murton will get tired of playing in Japan and when that happens, we’ll be right here in Des Moines waiting for him.”

Bandwagon Dan