Saturday, May 21, 2022

Martz anoints Bears offense ‘Greatest Show on Torn-Up Brown Sod’

It’s been a decade since Mike Martz designed the championship offense in St. Louis Rams known as “The Greatest Show on Turf.” Now the Bears’ offensive coordinator, Martz has branded his current squad “The Greatest Show on Torn-Up Brown Sod” after Sunday's convincing 31-26 home win over the Eagles.

League informs Hester it’s okay to juke punters

Devin Hester looked ready to break the NFL record for combined return TDs Sunday, but was tripped up by Lions punter Nick Harris. The league decided to take action after yet another near-perfect Hester return ended by a shoelace tackle by the opposing kicker or punter.

Cutler’s athleticism deemed ‘underrated’ for 18,267th time

After an eight-yard scramble against the Lions by Bears QB Jay Cutler last Sunday, the internet was abuzz with thousands of stories touting Cutler’s “underrated athleticism.”

Bears scoff at Vikings home state advantage, citing 2002 Champaign ‘suckfest’

With the Bears and Vikings game on Monday night apparently being moved to the University of Minnesota campus, Vikings players believe they still have home-field advantage due to the game being played in-state. Not so, says a few veteran Bears.

Lovie: Bears poised for Super Bowl run after dominating Patriots 7-3 in second half

Bears coach Lovie Smith believes his team is poised for a late-season Super Bowl run after beating the Patriots 7-3 in the second half of Sunday's game at Soldier Field.

Vikings purchase world’s largest roll of duct tape to repair Metrodome

The Vikings today purchased the world's largest roll of duct tape in a feverish attempt to patch the Metrodome roof in time for Monday night's Bears game against the Bears.