Sunday, June 26, 2022

John Fox prepares for new ESPN job by dodging his own questions

“I started preparing by interviewing myself in the mirror. It’s interesting how my answers are thorough with surprisingly little substance. This job may be harder than it seems.”

ESPN broadcasts 1 millionth Tom Brady speculation segment

Where will Tom Brady play in 2020 and does anyone outside New England really care about the soon-to-be 43-year-old with a shot arm? Outside of ESPN, not really. But boy do the hosts of First Take, Get Up, SportsCenter and even NBA: The Jump sure do!

Day 16 without sports: ESPN analysts rank other ESPN analysts and it gets ugly

After 16 days without sports, ESPN and their staff have finally reached a breaking point.

Rusty LaRue ‘super-pumped’ for 10-part documentary about his rookie season

Former Bull Rusty LaRue is reportedly in disbelief there's a 10-part documentary coming out about his 1997-1998 rookie season. "It's crazy to think ESPN cared so much about my...

Stephen A. Smith argues that with today’s rules, ’97-’98 Bulls would destroy ’14-’15 Chicago...

Fans and analysts love comparing players and teams from different eras, but Stephen A. Smith took these comparisons to a whole new level.