Citing an overwhelming need for a moderator who “has a long history of taking control of overwhelming personalities,” the Commission on Presidential Debates today announced Tony Reali — host of ESPN’s sports debate show “Around the Horn” — would be the emergency moderator of the next debate between Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden.

“America is divided as it’s ever been in modern history, but after watching Tuesday night’s debate there’s one thing on which we can all agree,” said CPD co-chair Kenneth Wollack, “and that’s that we need a mute button for the next debates.”

Tuesday night’s debate was attempted to be moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. He was outmatched by Trump’s constant interruptions and never-ending rants while Biden’s performance was hardly better. Wollack said that only Reali has what it takes for the next debate to have even a sliver of integrity.

“You look at the list of fast-talking jabberers Reali’s had to contend with and you just know he’s the man for the next debate,” said Wollack. “And if worse comes to worse, he can just put Trump on mute to get a word in edgewise.”

Ever the patriot, Reali said he was up for the challenge.

“Yeah, Trump really brings it, so to speak, but I had to deal with eight years of Jay Mariotti, so I’d say I’m pretty well-equipped to handle the worst gasbags out there,” said Reali. “Plus, I’ve got that mute button on the ready.