Saturday, May 21, 2022

Heckler Video: Jets strength coach admits he was actually filming a Buffalo Wild Wings...

It turns out that NY Jets strength coach Sal Alosi wasn't trying to injure anyone on the Miami Dolphins when he tripped Nolan Carroll. He was actually filming a commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Dolphins lose out on Harbaugh, consider coaching tandem of Steve Walsh and Erik Kramer

After losing out on head coach Jim Harbaugh, who was hired by the 49ers, the Miami Dolphins will instead focus on the tandem of former NFL quarterbacks Steve Walsh and Erik Kramer.

Tony Sparano joins Tuna and will swim with the Fish

Former Dallas Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano is the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Sparano said his first order of business is to enforce a return to the power running game that includes pushing troubled former Dolphins to live up to their potential.

Following Tebow’s resurrection performance, Sun Life Stadium made a holy shrine

In the wake of the Broncos’ 18-15 overtime victory against hapless Miami this weekend, the Dolphins have announced Sun Life Stadium will be turned into a holy shrine and no longer used for football.

1972 Dolphins celebrate as last undefeated fantasy team loses its first game

When San Diego's Mike Tolbert scored a first-quarter TD Monday night against Jacksonville, it gave the Chargers a 7-0 lead but also dealt the country's last undefeated fantasy football team its first loss of the season and provided the 1972 Dolphins with yet another reason to celebrate their claim to fame.

Marino vows to hold onto NutriSystem ads after Brees breaks passing record

“He’ll never take that from me,” gurgled Marino. Sobbingly, he picked his head up, stared at the three reporters in the room and muttered, “I’m in the best shape of my life. And I eat pizza, pasta, and even burgers.”

’72 Dolphins will recognize Blackhawks’ undefeated start minus any wins over Columbus

"We love what the Blackhawks are doing," said former running back Larry Csonka, who is a spokesman for the only Super Bowl-era team to finish a full season undefeated. "We will recognize their accomplishment with one rule--we are not going to count any more games against Columbus."