In a surprising announcement, the 1972 Miami Dolphins players have said they will recognize the Chicago Blackhawks as an equal team if they can jump out to a 17-0 start–with one caveat.

“We love what the Blackhawks are doing,” said former running back Larry Csonka, who is a spokesman for the only Super Bowl-era team to finish a full season undefeated. “We will recognize their accomplishment with one rule–we are not going to count any more games against Columbus.”

The Blackhawks moved to 5-0 with a controversial 3-2 win over Columbus last weekend. There was speculation the Dolphins would dismiss the Blackhawks’ record because of the potential for cheap shootout wins, but Csonka put an end to that debate.

“I love the shootout,” he said, “especially when guys come in and do that move where they pull the goalie to one side and lay the puck around the other side ever so gently. It brings a bit of a tear to my eye.”