Wednesday, October 5, 2022

With rain looming, Barrett and Pierzynski willing to fight until death to determine winner...

With April weather infiltrating mid-June in Chicago, the Cubs-Sox series at Wrigley appears to be in jeopardy. Joe Maddon and Rick Renteria met privately Monday to determine what they would like to...

White Sox fan ‘terribly disappointed’ to find out Anthony Rizzo plays for the Cubs

“I just found out tonight that Anthony Rizzo doesn’t play for the White Sox," said Jenson. "He plays for the Cubs, did you guys know that?”

Tim Anderson takes limo around bases after hitting home run

After his bat flip heard 'round the world got baseball purists’ adult diapers in a bunch, Tim Anderson, the best shortstop in Chicago, was back at it again after celebrating a home...

White Sox offer Bryce Harper 10 years/$400 million with opt-out every game

After devastatingly losing out on a bidding war for Machado to the bleeping’ San Diego Padres, the White Sox front office is looking to salvage the offseason by offering Bryce Harper a 10 year/$400 million offer with an opt out after every game.

Exasperated waiter just wants Manny Machado to pick what he wants to eat already

Not known for his hastiness when it comes to making decisions, superstar and future White Sox (or Yankee, or Phillie, or who the hell knows at this point) Manny Machado has left his waiter working overtime for hours, after still not deciding what he wants to eat for dinner.

Bryce Harper names new dog ‘Guaranteed Rate’

After last week's MLB winter meetings, which were slower than Paul Konerko hitting an inside- the-park homerun, the hot stove is starting to heat up after Bryce Harper named his new dog, "Guaranteed Rate."

Report: Manny Machado was late for meeting with White Sox after not hustling across...

Machado, who will most likely be a Yankee because White Sox fans can’t have anything nice, got lazy when he saw that he still had time left to cross at the intersection of 35th and Shields, but ultimately had to pull up short to wait for the next light.