Monday, March 30, 2020

Northwestern basketball coach hopes to convert nerds into athletes

"It's just too hard to find smart athletes, so I am gonna see if smart kids can play ball," he said.

Wrigley Field revealed to be Dominican-born and actually 13 years older than Fenway

Late Thursday night, baseball historians at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., accidentally dug up what has proved to be the authentic birth certificate for Wrigley Field, revealing its date of birth as April 30, 1899, confirming the venerable old park to be 113 years old, over a decade older than the historic home of the Green Monster.

Carmody tells Wildcats players that ‘NIT’ stands for ‘Northwestern Is Terrific!’

After again failing to reach the NCAA Tournament yet again despite a sometimes promising season, Bill Carmody's Northwestern Wildcats were forced to settle for the NIT, but they weren't the least bit disappointed.

Northwestern hoops team close to reaching dream of No. 1 seed in NIT

“I really thought that soul-crushing, overtime defeat to Michigan a while back would seal the deal," said Northwestern coach Bill Carmody. "But ESPN’s Joe Lunardi still says we’re among the last four teams to make the NCAA."

Northwestern’s bid to add ‘speed chemistry’ as Big Ten sport denied for 17th straight...

“First off, the travel schedule would be killer,” said Delaney. “The speed chemistry season would inevitably create conflict with science fair season, which is immediately followed by the National Star Trek Convention and the World of Warcraft Festival. These kids wouldn’t give that up.”

ESPN’s Beth Mowins recognized for ability to call games as poorly as most males

Following Illinois’ 38-35 victory over Northwestern Saturday, ESPN play-by-play broadcaster Beth Mowins was given praise by many viewers for her call of the game. “It was brutal,” said Illini fan Gary Wendell. “She was as bad at calling the game as most of the men at ESPN.”

Big Ten seriously going forward with this whole ‘Legends and Leaders’ crap

"A lot of people assumed we'd do something that made sense like split the teams up by geography or name them after our most famous alums, but why take the logical route?" said commissioner Jim Delany. "And there's no way we're changing it, no matter how stupid even our most die-hard supporters believe it to be."