Chris Collins, the new head coach of the Northwestern men’s basketball team, has been spotted around campus — but not in the athletic department or Welsh-Ryan Arena. In fact, Collins has been seen hanging around the math and physics departments.

“It’s just too hard to find smart athletes, so I am gonna see if smart kids can play ball,” he said.

Northwestern basketball struggled to a record of 13-19 last season, winning only four conference games. Many have begun pointing to the school’s stringent academic standards stifling its ability to attract top talent.

So, it would seem that Collins has decided to think outside the box and try to convert nerds into athletes. One of his possible new recruits is Adam Feldstein, a junior majoring in particle physics. Feldstein was more than a little surprised when Collins showed up in the physics department.

“It was a little strange to see the basketball coach in here,” said Feldstein. “It was even stranger when the coach asked me to come try out for the team.”

Feldstein claims to be 5’6” and 290 pounds.

“You know at 290 and 5’6″ he’s gonna be hard to move from the lane and I believe if given the time and a calculator he could technically make any shot on the floor,” said Collins.

Matt H.