With April weather infiltrating mid-June in Chicago, the Cubs-Sox series at Wrigley appears to be in jeopardy. Joe Maddon and Rick Renteria met privately Monday to determine what they would like to do in the event of a rainout as neither wanted to make up the games later in the season.

“We each had some ideas but nothing felt right,” said Maddon. “But then out of nowhere we both got this text message proposing seemingly the perfect solution.”

The text message from former White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski and read: “Hey guys, I spoke with Michael Barrett and we’ve agreed to put our differences aside and if the games get canceled, we’ll get on the pitchers mound and fight ’til death and survivor wins the Crosstown Cup for his respective team. You guys down?”

“We were definitely surprised,” said Renteria. “Especially the ‘To the death part,’ I told them no one has to actually die, but they insisted.”

While a rematch of the famous Barrett-Pierzynski fight would be epic, most of the Cubs-Sox fans would prefer the rain to pass and baseball to be played, but we shall see what Mother Nature has in store.