Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Scott Podsednik elected to Hall of Fame

Podsednik, a career .281 hitter who played for seven teams during an 11-year MLB career was a key member of 2005 White Sox World Series Championship team, hitting a dramatic home run in Game 2 of the Series.

White Sox pitcher hopes to upgrade to franchise’s star-studded Triple-A team

“I guess it’s cool to tell people I pitch for a Major League team, but I feel like a lot of people don’t even know the White Sox are still around,” said Rondon as he stared longingly at the Charlotte Knights Facebook page on his laptop.

Wrigleyville to deport White Sox fans

A mass deportation of White Sox fans from Wrigleyville is set to begin after Cubs owner Tom Ricketts signed an executive order to send them back to the South Side of Chicago.

Sox fan saving cash to buy jerseys of possible Cubs playoff opponents

"Sure, it may set me back a few hundred dollars, but as a true White Sox fan, no amount of money is too much to show my disdain for the Cubs," said Johnson.

Internet prepares itself for tired, rehashed Cubs-Sox jokes

The online world is preparing itself for a slew of uninspired and unoriginal jokes and memes to coincide with the beginning of this year's Crosstown Classic.

Blackhawks fans startled to learn baseball starts before June

For the first time in years, baseball is the most relevant sport in Chicago on May 1. The Blackhawks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, ending their season. This has led to some startling revelations for Hawks fans.

Cubs sign Drake LaRoche to help woo Chris Sale in 2018

"Obviously we can't discus the status of a player who is currently under contract with another team." Theo Epstein said regarding Chris Sale's free agency in two seasons. "But there are obvious reasons why we would sign a 14-year-old and it wasn't to sign his .207 hitting father."