With the Cubs’ magic number dropping by the day, the reality of the North Siders making the playoffs is starting to sink in for White Sox fan Bill Johnson, who is beginning to scrap together money to buy the jerseys of teams the Cubs may see in the playoffs.

Johnson, who officially transitioned from White Sox fan to strictly Cub-hater after the Sox decided to go the Y2K route at the trade deadline and have nothing happen, says that he’ll likely purchase a Giants, Nationals and Dodgers jersey in preparation for October.

“Sure, it may set me back a few hundred dollars, but as a true White Sox fan, no amount of money is too much to show my disdain for the Cubs,” said Johnson.

Johnson said he will watch the playoffs at U.S. Cellular Field, where the Sox will replay highlights from 2005 and host a “What inferiority complex?” viewing party of the Cubs games.

Tickets for the event have sold out.

Shingo TaCatsu