Ryan Lochte is making big changes to compete in Tokyo in the 2020 Olympic Games. The 32-year-old swimmer known for his changing hairstyles and not being Michael Phelps is flirting with the idea of applying his talents out of the pool. Considered the second best male swimmer in the world, Lochte’s resume includes 12 Olympic medals and holding two world records. The next chapter of his career may not even include being Ryan Lochte or swimming.

“I identify more as a Simone. That name is just gold right now,” Lochte shared. “I’m also thinking I’d be pretty rad at weightlifting or gymnastics.”

Teammates are supportive of his decision. They deny his actions are another attempt to step out of teammate and rival Phelps’s shadow.

Phelps is dubious of Lochte’s decision.

“Ryan wants to go from being the second best swimmer to the third best Simone,” said Phelps. “That may be the dumbest move since he signed on to do (the quickly cancelled reality show) What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”

“I think he just wants to spread his wings. Not like going back to swimming Butterfly or anything, but like a metaphor for life,” said teammate Conor Dwyer.

“I just can’t breathe under water,” added Lochte stoically. “I’ve tried, but it’s just too wet, you know?”