For the first time in years, baseball is the most relevant sport in Chicago on May 1. The Blackhawks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, ending their season. This has led to some startling revelations for Hawks fans.

“I didn’t know baseball started before the 4th of July. I guess I’ll have to go buy a Cubs jersey now,” commented a longtime supporter of the Hawks, Travis Kalk.

This sentiment was largely echoed across the city, as hockey fans flooded the streets of Wrigleyville and Bridgeport in desperate search of somewhere to direct their fandom.

One such fan even took time to notice the chilly Spring weather.

“It’s so much colder wearing a short-sleeved jersey this time of the year than it is with my hockey sweater on,” he said.

Yes, like moths to a flame, fans flocked in droves to the only source of hope they have for celebrating a championship this year. It’s been nearly 10 months since these beleaguered fans have had the chance to revel in the glow of a championship, and the White Sox and Cubs are finally able to be there for Chicago fans when they need them the most.

While Blackhawks fans would much rather be donning their Indian Head sweaters well into July, they will have to find some way to soldier on, and make do with two first place baseball teams.