If you aren’t already enjoying Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo’s foray into the competitive world of culinary breakfast cereal creation, you’re about to get even more incentive.

Beginning next week the box will include, along with the delicious honey toasted oat morsels of goodness, a mini Jon Lester glove toy surprise. Now, you and your kids can have fun at home recreating all those crazy moments where the erratic lefty flips his glove with the ball tucked in the webbing over to Rizzo to get that big final out!

“The cereal is already selling like hotcakes. We’re crushing Tony the Tiger, Cap ‘N Crunch, you name it,” beamed Rizzo. “But we thought adding the toy Lester glove to the mix, sales might literally go through the roof and then we could afford to hire a mental health professional to help Jon get over this whole throwing issue. And also buy me a beach house in Costa Rica.”

Rizzo also noted his team of personal chefs are working on additional Rizzo-related food products such as Rizzo Dogs, Rizzo-avioli, Rizzo Beer and Rizzo’s gluten free kale snack bars. All are projected to be available by October for Cub fans to enjoy during the postseason.

Patrick O. Elia