Friday, July 10, 2020

The Heckler Stat Pack

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Sportsman of the Year Runners Up

The Heckler's first-ever Sportsman of the Year could have gone to any of the five finalists, but in the end, Jay "Pick 6" Cutler got the nod. Here's what nominators had to say about the four runners up.

Tim Anderson takes limo around bases after hitting home run

After his bat flip heard 'round the world got baseball purists’ adult diapers in a bunch, Tim Anderson, the best shortstop in Chicago, was back at it again after celebrating a home...

Cubs sign Drake LaRoche to help woo Chris Sale in 2018

"Obviously we can't discus the status of a player who is currently under contract with another team." Theo Epstein said regarding Chris Sale's free agency in two seasons. "But there are obvious reasons why we would sign a 14-year-old and it wasn't to sign his .207 hitting father."

Renteria thinks Sox can win 140 Games in 2020

White Sox manager Rick Renteria held court with reporters in Arizona to prognosticate on the 2020 season spewing an optimism not seen in Chicago since Ryan Pace drafted Mitchell Trubisky to be the next Jay Cutler.

July 09 issue is out: Busch Stadium gets indoor plumbing; Ozzie adopts Wrigley rat;...

Great news: The Heckler's July issue has hit the streets. As usual, it's packed full of unbelievable sports news.

White Sox offer Bryce Harper 10 years/$400 million with opt-out every game

After devastatingly losing out on a bidding war for Machado to the bleeping’ San Diego Padres, the White Sox front office is looking to salvage the offseason by offering Bryce Harper a 10 year/$400 million offer with an opt out after every game.