Not known for his hastiness when it comes to making decisions, superstar and future White Sox (or Yankee, or Phillie, or who the hell knows at this point) Manny Machado has left his waiter working overtime for hours, after still not deciding what he wants to eat for dinner.

“He has been here forever,” lamented the waiter. “At first, he couldn’t decide on whether he wanted the deep-dish pizza, the thin-crust pizza or our Philly cheesesteak. And then his dad calls us for some reason to tell us that he thinks he will order the soup of the day, so who knows what to believe at this point? I just want it to end already!”

Rumor has it that Machado is waiting to see what Bryce Harper ordered for dinner that night, but we’ll have to wait and see how long this dinner saga continues.

Shingo TaCatsu