Following a challenging start to the 2018 season for the Chicago White Sox, pitcher Bruce Rondon is hoping to one day achieve his dream of playing in the team’s coveted farm system. The hard-throwing right-hander is candid about his desire to reach the heights of minor league baseball glory.

“I guess it’s cool to tell people I pitch for a Major League team, but I feel like a lot of people don’t even know the White Sox are still around,” said Rondon as he stared longingly at the Charlotte Knights Facebook page on his laptop. “I just want to keep moving up to a good team and I’m only one step away from making that dream come true.”

Rondon continued: “I hear that sometimes the Charlotte Knights draw more than 5,000 people for one game! That’s usually what the Sox get for an entire homestand this year.”

It’s not just about attendance, either. According to Triple-A players, they get hot water in their showers after each game.

“We only get hot water after wins on the White Sox,” said Rondon.

When asked if he thought Rondon was ready for the big time of the Sox minor league system, manager Rick Renteria said, “Hell, I hope he gets it! I also told them to call me if they’re ever looking for a new manager.”

By Mitchell Trachtenberg and Michael Pattis