Cubs’ second baseman and bat-flipper extraordinaire, Javy Baez, needed to be restrained by his teammates in the locker room after getting into an altercation with a mirror when his reflection looked at him the wrong way.

Baez, whose flashiness and confidence would justify him pimping a sacrifice bunt, has been a bit on edge since his pissing contest with Reds’ pitcher, Amir Garrett, which resulted in a typical baseball scuffle with fewer punches thrown than a Floyd Mayweather fight.

Putting on his best Robert De Niro “Taxi Driver” impression, Baez reportedly went after the mirror with a baseball bat, yelling “nobody shows me up, not even me!”

Fortunately for all parties involved, the reflection of Baez’s gold chain briefly blinded him, allowing teammates to drag him away, and let cooler heads prevail.

Shingo TaCatsu