Blake Jenson, a life-long White Sox fan was spotted at Wrigley last night donning an Anthony Rizzo Sox jersey much to the confusion of the 40,000 Cubs’ faithful.

After the game, when reporters confronted Jenson about the odd decision, the 47-year-old insurance salesman gave the honest and somewhat embarrassing answer.

“I just found out tonight that Anthony Rizzo doesn’t play for the White Sox,” said Jenson. “He plays for the Cubs, did you guys know that?”

The reporter — as well as pretty much every other sports fan in America — was aware of that well-known fact.

Jenson says he goes to Sox games all the time but just always thought for some reason, every time he went, his favorite player Anthony Rizzo was always sitting.

“Looking back on it, I guess there were some clear signs,” said Jenson of Pilsen. “When I got the jersey, I was confused why they only had Rizzo jerseys in Cubs uniforms so I had to get this one specially made, but I didn’t think too much of it.”

“Today was my first Cubs game in years and I thought, oh I’ll wear my Rizzo jersey to make all the Cubs fans jealous, I bet they wish they had a great player like Rizzo on their team.”

They do and are happy to have him. In this case, one man’s sorrow is another man’s joy.

Photo via @ScottyChagson Twitter