On pace to rejoin the Cubs after a rehabbing from a hamstring injury this past week in Triple-A Iowa, reliever Pedro Strop has a plan for covering first base that may save his legs – and the entire Cubs bullpen: cartwheels.

Much like Carl Edwards Jr.’s controversial double-tap, Cubs coaches have been touting this as a way to clear Strop’s head and make him the best pitcher he can be. So far his teammates’ responses have been mixed.

“I’ve never seen a person cartwheel so fast,” said second baseman Trent Giambrone. “I feel like I’m on the field with Cirque du Soleil.”

Shortstop Christhian Adames, however, expressed concern: “It’s great, but I’ve had trouble finding the glove. It’s like throwing a baseball at six cats fighting.”

Strop himself appears extremely upbeat and ready to tackle any naysayers.

“Been doing cartwheels since I was young. It’s all about the momentum you get off the mound. Very easy on the leg muscles. I got this.”

At the time of publication Strop was also considering making his way to the mound via Segway.

Bandwagon Dan