The Cubs just-completed six-game road trip began with a classic Joe Maddon-inspired theme: . The players looked great as they headed to Houston for a three-game series against an elite Astros team. However, after dropping two of three in Houston and getting swept in St. Louis against the Cardinals, Maddon came up with a better idea for their next road trip.

“Dress up as better baseball players,” Maddon said plainly to a room full of reporters. “I really have been overthinking this. I am a firm believer that you play how you look. If you are wearing an NBA jersey, then you’ll play baseball like an NBA player, that’s not what I wanted! So then it hit me, if everyone just dresses up as if they are better at baseball than they actually are, we’ll really start winning some games.”

When asked how one dresses up like a better baseball player, Maddon responded: “I’m not sure exactly, a fedora, skinny jeans, funny t-shirt, I’m not sure. But if these guys want to be better baseball players, they’ll learn to dress the part.”

Added Maddon: “Maybe we’ll dress up like the 2016 Cubs. They seemed to be better baseball players than the 2019 Cubs.”