David Bote went to the doctor last August after hitting a pinch-hit, walk-off grand-slam against the Washington Nationals and was gravely concerned about his health. Even days after the two-out, two-strike game-winner, Bote was still experiencing a “tingly” feeling throughout his entire body. Bote’s fear only grew when the doctor said there was something unusual about his blood work. Bote was told he had an incurable disease called “Icy-Vein” disease.

“I freaked out,” said the Cubs’ infielder. When Bote asked the doctor if he would be okay, the doctor responded: “You’re going to be more than okay, David. You are going to be a freaking legend.”

“Apparently, in big situations, my body won’t let me do anything but come up with a huge hit,” Bote said with a smile. “It’s awesome.”

Many of his teammates were hoping this disease was contagious.

“A lot of guys ask me to spit in their food,” said Bote. “When I’m about to sneeze in the clubhouse every single person, even Joe, comes running over to try to land some of my fresh snot. Yeah it’s kind of weird but we’ve built such a winning culture here that we’ll do whatever it takes to win.”

After going 4-for-4 with a three-run home run, a bases-clearing three RBI double and seven total RBI in the Cubs win against the Rockies Wednesday night, it appears Bote’s incurable disease is still alive and thriving, as is David Bote himself.