Sunday, April 21, 2024

Trump says there were no boos, only boobs at World Series

“No boos, only boobs,” said Trump, as the White House furiously worked to put his newly coined phrase onto 25-cent trucker hats, to sell at $40 a pop to fight the war on socialism

David Bote diagnosed with rare ‘Icy-Vein’ disease where he has no choice but to...

“I freaked out,” said the Cubs’ infielder. When Bote asked the doctor if he would be okay, the doctor responded: “You’re going to be more than okay, David. You are going to be a freaking legend.”

Game of Thrones actors make Cubs-Nats Sunday Night Baseball predictions

Millions will be watching as the battle for the Iron Throne culminates Sunday night, but the actors for the hit HBO series will be tuned in elsewhere. When not...

Hot Stove Shocker: Harper, Bryant quit baseball to become next Siegfried & Roy

At a Mirage Hotel press conference, home town heroes Harper and Bryant explained why they will now continue the legacy of iconic Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried & Roy rather than play baseball.

Cubs trade average player with super-hot wife to the Nationals

The Kim DeJesus era has come to an untimely end as her marginally talented husband David was dealt to the Nationals Monday afternoon.

Heckler Video: “Clown Question Bro Time!” with Bryce Harper presents "Clown Question Bro Time" to commemorate Bryce Harper's immortal words. If you thought it was Peanut Butter Jelly Time, wait until you get an eyeful of Clown Question Bro Time!

Hamels beans his kid during father-son game

Keeping with his firm belief in “old school” baseball, Cole Hamels reportedly threw a 92 MPH fastball directly into his eight-year-old son’s buttocks during the duo’s first ever father-son baseball game.