Keeping with his firm belief in “old school” baseball, Cole Hamels reportedly threw a 92 MPH fastball directly into his eight-year-old son’s buttocks during the duo’s first ever father-son baseball game.

Hamels—recently making news for throwing at Washington Nationals’ rookie sensation, Bryce Harper—elaborated on why he plunked his own son.

“It was our first game. He was kind of mouthing off about not being able to go to Burger King beforehand,” said Hamels. “I just wanted to send him a little message. You know. ‘Welcome to the father-son leagues’.”

Hamels further explained his “tough-love” by highlighting that he did not throw his hardest.

“Ninety-two in the butt sends a message. It says, ‘I can kill you, but I won’t because you’re my own flesh and blood, and I still kinda like your mom when I’m not on the road.’ I mean, c’mon, it’s not like I threw 98 at his face—which I will totally do if he doesn’t stop whining about me hitting him the first time.”

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