Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Top 10 other things the Cubs have done at Budweiser’s command

This weekend the Cubs placed signage in the back of Wrigley's left field bleachers to block fans' view of the former Budweiser rooftop, which is now occupied by an ad from Horseshoe Casino.

Cubs call up Ian Happ just in time for lead-off first-pitch Opening Day HR

Sent to Triple-A Iowa after a tough spring at the plate, Cubs Opening Day HR specialist Ian Happ was called back up to the big league club just in time to "do his thing."

White Sox announce first ever ‘Cell-Ebration’ tonight to ring in 23 years and 5...

Not to be outdone by the 100 year Wrigley Field anniversary party today, the White Sox have announced their first ever “Cell-Ebration,” a huge bash celebrating U.S. Cellular Field’s 23 years and 5 days birthday tonight.

‘Friends of Kevin Gregg’ holding fund-raiser for pitcher’s travel expenses to Chicago

Cubs’ closer-in-waiting Kevin Gregg needs your help, so the organization, “Friends of Kevin Gregg,” which will hold a fund-raiser to offset travel costs for the pitcher’s Greyhound bus trip from Des Moines after he was recently called up from Triple-A Iowa.

A list of predictions as Cubs get all hot and bothered for Hot Stove...

Some would call the Hot Stove League -- baseball’s offseason carnival of trades, free agent signings and fans of all teams hating Scott Boras -- the second-best season in sports after baseball’s regular season. The 2019-2020 edition promises not to disappoint.

Samardzija claims health of economy hinges on his future contract

“You probably don’t know this about me, but I really know how to invest money,” said Samardzija. “We’re talking stocks, bonds, various hair care products, a giant pirate flag for my front lawn. Like an old flag from a real pirate ship. That has to cost a lot, right? I can totally turn this thing around."

Cardinals fan admits it’s easy to self quarantine because there is nothing to do...

The stay at home order imposed on many Americans comes easier to some than to others.