Friday, June 21, 2024

2010’s first Cubby Occurence: Marlon Byrd eaten by huge Gila monster in Mesa

Huge lizard passes over Woo-Woo and Soto

"Cubby Occurrences" come with the territory for members of the Cubs. Players slip in hot tubs and pull muscles while sneezing at regular intervals. Still, nobody could have predicted the latest Cubby Occurrence: Marlon Byrd being eaten by a large Mesa Gila monster.

Cubs perfectly represent 2010 season with limp noodle ‘art’ outside Wrigley

Just hours before their rain-delayed, error-plagued loss to the A's, the Cubs found a perfect way to portray their 2010 season by erecting a giant limp noodle ad statue outside Wrigley Field.

Woo-Woo in History: Jimmy V’s Wolfpack win it all in 1983

Here is Wickers in 1983 after Jim Valvano's NC State Wolfpack shocked the world by beating the Houston Cougars for the NCAA basketball championship.

Santo gets green mohawk toupee

Ron Santo is well-known for the carpet that sits atop his head and he has taken his fair share of jabs because of it, but those insults will be nothing compared to the flack he'll receive when he's seen sporting his new green mohawk.

Woo-Woo in History: Tiananmen Square 1989

Here is Woo-Woo 20 years ago posing for the camera during China's Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Woo-Woo found a way into one of the most iconic photos of the '80s.

On Deck Radio Report: Taking advice from drunk fan in stands, Piniella will release...

This week's predictions: Patrick Kane will mistakenly think he's all grown up, things yelled by spectators will start to make sense to the Cubs skipper, and a softball player will set a Ripken-like record.

Pittsburgh Pirates taken hostage by Somali pirates

After attacking numerous ships along the Somalia coast, a large group of Somali pirates staged their most daring attack yet when they overtook baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates.