Just hours before their rain-delayed, error-plagued loss to the A’s, the Cubs found a perfect way to portray their 2010 season by erecting a giant limp noodle ad statue outside Wrigley Field.

Fans were intrigued by the large noodle that reads “You know you love it.” While it doesn’t bear a company’s logo, the Cubs revealed it’s an ad for Kraft Mac and Cheese.

“Hey look, it’s a big noodle!” said John Stevens, a fan from Naperville. “It’s perfect because the Cubs have been playing like wet noodles all season. You know, I’m not so sure I love it.”

The Cubs were excited by the statue and even suggested it could become Wrigleyville’s version of the famed Bean in Millennium Park.

“Sure, the Bean doesn’t have a corporate slogan on it,” said Cubs EVP of Marketing Wally Hayward. “But it’s got to be sponsored by someone, right? I mean, who puts up a statue without collecting millions of dollars for it? Losers. That’s who. And not loveable losers like us either.”

If the giant noodle is deemed successful, the Cubs plan to install other ad statues around Wrigley Field like a giant toilet from the Kohler Company or a huge Dumpster by Waste Management.

Tribune photo