Cubs fan Brad Feldman was stuck with an extra bleacher ticket to Tuesday night’s rain-delayed game against the A’s and had no luck selling it on the street for even pennies on the dollar, so he tried to get at least some value out it.

Thinking he could at least swap it with a street vendor for a bag of peanuts, Feldman was surprised to find no takers.

“What do they get for a bag of nuts outside Wrigley, $5 or $6?” said Feldman. “You think I’d have been able to pull off the trade. Face value on that ticket was 50 bucks.”

Despite the disparity, the vendor wasn’t having it.

“I don’t care how much the guy paid for that ticket back in the winter, it ain’t worth a damn thing,” said the vendor. “He might as well have offered me a Peso, it’s worth just as much as your average Cubs ticket.”

Unable to pull off the swap, Feldman hoped in vain for a rainout.

“If they would have called the game, maybe they would have replayed it on a day when people were actually interested in watching the Cubs,” said Feldman. “Like maybe next season.”