The latest episode of A Very Important Podcast by The Heckler features Grant DePorter, the CEO of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group. Grant has worked at Harry Caray’s since 1989 (less than two years after the restaurant group was formed) so he worked closely with Harry himself for quite a while. Listen here!

Not surprisingly, he has some wild stories about Harry back in the day (including an estimated 14,000 bar visits and 300,000 alcoholic beverages consumed in his life). Grant also talks about the hard work he puts in to keep Harry’s legacy alive, even if that means embracing some of the great and not-so-great Harry Caray impressions that are out there including Will Ferrell’s and Ryan Dempster’s.

Grant grew up in a hotel, which not everyone can say. He’s also a massive sports memorabilia geek, as evidenced by several of the stories he told during this interview.

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