Ron Santo is well-known for the carpet that sits atop his head and he has taken his fair share of jabs because of it, but those insults will be nothing compared to the flack he’ll receive when he’s seen sporting his new green mohawk.

“I asked the guys at Roy’s Rugs to make me something that will look really hip,” said Santo. “I didn’t know I’d look like Mr. T.”

Cubs brass is worried the wig will become a distraction during broadcasts. So far this spring, the mohawk has had Pat Hughes laughing uncontrollably on the radio, while Len and Bob have asked the camera crew to focus more on Santo’s head, instead of catching the action on the field.

Unfortunately, the mohawk will have to do for now, since Santo’s old toupee was lost in a fishing accident.

From the April 2009 issue by Michael Kloempken