The Bulls took advantage of a big break Thursday night, winning Game 3 of their playoff series, 108-106, as Cavs superstar LeBron James missed the game to get in some much-needed Chicago sightseeing.

“It was such a full day, I could barely get everything in,” said James, who sported shopping bags from Bloomingdale’s and Filene’s Closet. “I did some shopping on the Mag Mile, I checked out the modern wing at the art museum. By the time I got done with dinner at Alinea, I completely lost track of time and missed the game.”

The Bulls were able to capitalize, jumping out to an early lead and holding on for the win. Kirk Hinrich led the way with 27 points, eased by the fact he was uncovered for much of the game.

“We really got lucky,” Hinrich said. “I usually have a lot more trouble scoring when someone is actually covering me.”

Joakim Noah added 10 points and 15 rebounds for the Bulls. But, more importantly, he sent James a list of things to do in his fine city.

“I’m sure LeBron was itching to get out and do something,” Noah said. “Poor guy’s been cooped up in Cleveland for the last couple years. He could probably use a little excitement.”

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter