Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pick-less Bears uninvited to 2020 NFL Draft

"What's the point of having a team participate in the draft when they have no picks until day three in 2022?" Goodell said to reporters. "What's best for the NFL is to not allow the Bears to participate, all they do anyway is devour our war room catering, bet against themselves, and ask about the eligibility of division four players who don't exist."

Bears vow to continue 2019’s successful ‘Shelter in Place’ policy

Bears head coach Matt Nagy said the team will pick up where it ended the 2019 season by continuing to shelter in place during the 2020 season.

Trubisky runs out of toilet paper upon Bears’ signing of Nick Foles

Holed up in his North Carolina home on Wednesday, Bears’ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky received quite a shock while watching NFL Network, when the scroll across the bottom of the screen confirmed Chicago’s trade for former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to replace him as the team’s starting signal caller.

Virginia McCaskey reveals she had a crush on Jimmy Graham in high school

"Oh yes, back in finishing school all my classmates sure were sweet on Jimmy," said McCaskey. "Of course, this was during World War II and many of the boys our age were overseas giving hell to the enemy forces."

After years of hair restoration, Brian Urlacher now just a big Wookiee

For years, commuting Chicagoans have been greeted by the unwelcoming smile of former Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher in a series of billboards along the Dan Ryan.

Bears fire offensive coordinator for all those terrible plays he let Nagy call

The Bears today fired four coaches, including offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. GM Ryan Pace blamed Helfrich for head coach Matt Nagy’s often-questionable play-calling throughout the season.

Will the Bears make the playoffs? 5 reasons to be optimistic and 5 to...

Here are five reasons to be excited for the remainder of the season and five reasons to load up on the Malort.