Sunday, January 23, 2022

Jay Cutler moves in with McDonough during divorce proceedings

Jay Cutler nearly cracked a smile after John McDonough, recently fired as president of the Chicago Blackhawks, offered him a place to live during divorce proceedings.

Bears among teams trying to get Belichick’s dog for their front office

Bill Belichick's draft room setup drew attention around the NFL Friday evening, when his dog, Nike, was seen manning (or rather, dogging) the dual-screen laptops prior to the Patriots' first pick in the 2020 draft.

Trubisky confident he’ll be able to overthrow new TE Cole Kmet

Bears’ quarterback Mitch Trubisky is excited about the newly drafted 6-foot-5 tight end, Cole Kmet.

With no faith in Pace, Virginia McCaskey takes charge of Bears’ draft

Reminding fans and media that she is “owner for life,” 97-year-old Virginia Halas McCaskey, principal owner of the Chicago Bears, will take over the team’s 2020 draft.

Pick-less Bears uninvited to 2020 NFL Draft

"What's the point of having a team participate in the draft when they have no picks until day three in 2022?" Goodell said to reporters. "What's best for the NFL is to not allow the Bears to participate, all they do anyway is devour our war room catering, bet against themselves, and ask about the eligibility of division four players who don't exist."

Bears vow to continue 2019’s successful ‘Shelter in Place’ policy

Bears head coach Matt Nagy said the team will pick up where it ended the 2019 season by continuing to shelter in place during the 2020 season.

Trubisky runs out of toilet paper upon Bears’ signing of Nick Foles

Holed up in his North Carolina home on Wednesday, Bears’ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky received quite a shock while watching NFL Network, when the scroll across the bottom of the screen confirmed Chicago’s trade for former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to replace him as the team’s starting signal caller.