The Bears signed undrafted free agent and Khalil Mack’s brother Ledarius earlier this week and the siblings are already fighting over the number 52.

“I get that Khalil is the All Pro and that he wears 52,” said Ledarius, “but he needs to understand that I’ve worn 52 my whole life.”

Khalil wasn’t budging.

“Nope,” said Khalil. “Not having it.”

Bears head coach Matt Nagy said he’d step in if he had to.

“It’s no secret I’m exclusively focused on this team’s offense,” said Nagy. “I wasn’t even aware who Khalil Mack was or that he has a brother, but if I have to, I’ll make sure we do something about this.”

When pressed on what action he would take, Nagy said his justice would be swift.

“I’ll work out a compromise where Khalil keeps his number but Ledarius gets to catch a TD pass from a third-string guard before we cut him after the first preseason game.”