Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Yankees ‘passed the hat’ to ensure Burnett’s trade to the Pirates

No one in the Yankees’ clubhouse will speak openly about it, but a grassroots movement in Tampa helped make the trade of A. J. Burnett to the Pirates earlier this week a reality.

Hoyer trades Garza’s heart, Marmol’s legs, Soriano’s torso to Phillies, pending physical

As part of the contract, the Cubs are responsible for all shipping costs, whereas the Phillies will have the task of putting the pieces back together in their preferred manner.

The Heckler’s Second-Best Sports Town Tournament

With an unfortunate lack of viable competitions this March, we decided to unleash a tournament to determine the second-best sports town in America. We already know the winner (Chicago).

Epstein admits to mixing up the careers of Sandberg, Sveum

“Sandberg ... damn, I knew it started with an ‘S’,” Epstein was overheard muttering as he strode by reporters before Friday’s game.

NCAA gives itself the death penalty for creating environment where Sandusky scandal could occur

NCAA President Mark Emmert handed his organization the feared "death penalty" Monday morning, forcing itself to shut down all operations for four years in light of the Jerry Sandusky Penn State scandal.

Jake Arrieta writes second letter to Cubs fans

Jake Arrieta posted a farewell letter to Chicago on his Twitter account when he signed with the Phillies back in March. Now, with the Cubs starting a three-game series in Philadelphia, Arrieta posted a second note.

Cubs game delayed an hour for Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper bro hug

The much-anticipated matchup between the Phillies and Cubs will be delayed until 8 tonight to allow Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper to properly reconnect with a one-hour bro hug.