Monday, July 15, 2024

Second-Best Sports Town Update: Philly, Detroit, Denver & Atlanta advance

We’ve reached the Isolated 8 and things are getting intense! Atlanta edged Oakland for the last spot. Now it’s time to see who’s going to make the Furloughed Four!

The Heckler’s Second-Best Sports Town Tournament

With an unfortunate lack of viable competitions this March, we decided to unleash a tournament to determine the second-best sports town in America. We already know the winner (Chicago).

Gerrit Cole claims sun is not the best star in solar system

"I believe the best team in the league right now are the Braves, I think that Augie Ojeda is the best baseball player of all time, and Joey Fatone was the best member of NSYNC. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it."

Too much depth and a lack of egos poses problem for Blackhawks

Quenneville: "I can't joke around with them at all. They take everything so seriously. They're such team players that they're just going with the flow, no matter what line I put them on."

Quenneville refuses to freak out over Toews injury despite chaotic scene

"It's nothing serious," Quenneville said as paramedics streamed past him with Toews on a gurney, clutching at his shoulder.

Majority of Cubs fans at last night’s game completely unaware they almost saw a...

As A.J. Burnett effortlessly mowed down hapless Cubs hitters at Wrigley Tuesday night, fans in attendance were mostly oblivious to the fact the Pirates starter was just four outs away from a no-hitter.

Breaking News: Penguins sign James Harrison for remainder of Flyers series

An earlier game of the Penguins-Flyers playoff series featured 158 penalty minutes, four ejections, superstars Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux dropping gloves. Facing the possibility of a first round elimination, the Penguins called for reinforcements by adding Steelers Pro Bowl LB James Harrison to their roster.