Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Recently fired Carlos Beltran last seen running from crime scene in NY

After the events that have taken place in the Astros and Red Sox organizations, former big league outfielder, and former Mets manager Carlos Beltran was seen running this morning in full uniform from a crime scene in New York City.

Giants fans skeptical Joe Judge is the man to bring franchise back to .500...

New York Giants executives have shown their confidence in new head coach Joe Judge this week after pegging him as the guy who can get the team back to its glory days of 8-8 records.

Some things Gerrit Cole’s annual salary is worth more than

We’ve done some highly detailed and deep research dives into what that annual salary is worth more than.

After signing Mets exec, Browns announce Manziel will be replaced by Matt Harvey

"When the Browns hired me, a baseball executive from the moneyball movement who was the general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers during their second worst season since 1958, to oversea the overhaul of the Cleveland Browns as their Chief Strategy Officer, answerable only to the team president, I knew that they were willing to get their team on track."

WATCH NOW: Cubs-Mets 2015 NLCS preview video

It's Chicago against New York. Edder Vedder vs. 50 Cent. Deep dish pizza vs. cardboard covered in tomato sauce.

Carmelo Anthony refuses to pass mic to Pope Francis on MSG floor

"Why would I be shocked?" said long-time season ticket holder Anthony Scapaldi."He wouldn't pass to Stoudemire, Hardaway or Lin either."

A-Rod apologizes for having dated Madonna

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez issued a hand-written apology to Yankee fans, the Steinbrenner family and his teammates for having dated plastic surgery-ridden, post-menopausal pop star Madonna.