Wednesday, April 17, 2024

After weather problems in Pittsburgh, 2012 Winter Classic no longer to be held in...

Just minutes after the NHL moved Saturday's Winter Classic back eight hours due to weather issues in Pittsburgh, commissioner Gary Bettman announced a change to the 2012 showdown, whose host city has yet to be announced.

Rangers players try to stoke Bruins rivalry, realize no one in New York cares...

Watching the Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup victory parade from the Times Square ESPN Zone, Rangers’ star Wojtek Wolski and several of his teammates tried to stoke anti-Bruin fervor in the hopes of raising the Rangers’ profile in New York.

Roger Clemens celebrates mistrial with cool, refreshing glass of HGH

"Now that I get a break from all this legal stress, nothing satisfies my thirst better than a good old-fashioned glass of HGH, just like Brian McNamee used to make," the retired pitcher told reporters.

Sean Avery kicks cop’s ass for confusing him with Brian Boitano

When LAPD officer Frank Smith arrived at Sean Avery’s Hollywood Hills home in the wee hours of Friday morning, the last thing he expected was to get his ass kicked, but that’s exactly what is alleged to have happened when Officer Smith confused Avery with figure-skater Brian Boitano.

Red Sox recruit Mothra to attack Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes

Controversy is swirling over Terry Francona’s decision to unleash Mothra against Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes in the sixth inning of Wednesday’s game at Fenway Park. While the Red Sox maintain the move was perfectly legal, Yankees officials are in an uproar.

NHL and HBO to cross promote stars for Rangers-Flyers 24-7

The NHL has struggled for years to become more popular with Americans, and with Monday's announcement they will cross promote stars with cable giant HBO, they may have found their opportunity.

With local teams playing well, New Yorkers desperately search for a new punching bag

“Well played, fundamentally sound teams are boring. They’re boring,” said one self-proclaimed New York die-hard. “What the heck am I supposed to call the radio and moan about? The Yankees pitching staff?”