Watching the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup victory parade from the Times Square ESPN Zone, Rangers’ star Wojtek Wolski and several of his teammates tried to stoke anti-Bruin fervor in the hopes of raising the Rangers’ profile in New York.

“Come on, guys!” Wojtek shouted at bar patrons. “Boston sucks! Boston sucks!”

“I hate the Red Sox!” cheered one patron.

“No, the Bruins!” replied Wojtek. “Bruins suck!”

“Let’s go Rangers!” shouted the Rangers players in unison. “Let’s go Rangers! Let’s go Rangers!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” inquired another patron. “Texas Rangers?”

“New York Rangers!” yelled Wojtek. “Hockey!”

“Who cares about Hockey?” replied the patron. “Let’s go Yankees.”

As Wojtek and his teammates stormed out of the bar in frustration, the patrons stared at one another, confused.

“Who the hell were those guys?” one patron wondered.

“Probably Canadians,” a waitress responded.

By Scott Keiner

Wompah Keiner