The NHL has struggled for years to become more popular with Americans, and with Monday’s announcement they will cross promote stars with cable giant HBO, they may have found their opportunity.

HBO will supply the “24/7” documentary series with some of its biggest stars to help boost ratings for the show. They will also cast NHL players in their award winning series’ to help the NHL brand.

Native New Yorker, Larry David will be brought in as the Rangers new equipment manager to add a bit of a comedic presence to the otherwise intense program. “True Blood” star Anna Paquin will play a supporting role of “Tina,” Rangers winger Brandon Dubinsky’s new squeeze.

A few Flyers’ players jokingly pitched the idea of filming an episode of the comedy series “Hung,” in their locker room, but were immediately shot down by Commissioner Gary Bettman.

In other casting news, Flyers’ captain Chris Pronger will play an unidentified member of the Lannister clan in season 2 of the hit series, “Game of Thrones.”

Henrik Lundqvist turned down the opportunity to play the love interest of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming “Sex and the City 3: Women Be Crazy.”

“I’m a goalie, not an actor,” said Hank. “No disrespect, but I’m also not a fan of women who are twice my age.”

Rangers’ troublemaker Sean Avery landed a coveted role as “Mickey ‘The Pest’ Pescarelli,” a New Jersey bootlegger with Mafia ties, on “Boardwalk Empire.” He will appear as a nuisance to Steve Buscemi’s “Nucky Thompson” character for five episodes.

The NHL will also take a page out of their new bedfellow’s book, and change their slogan from “For the love of God, please like us” to “It’s not Sports, it’s Hockey,” in hopes of better connecting with new followers.