After missing 10 months due to concussion symptoms, Sidney Crosby had a remarkable return to ice Monday night, scoring two goals and two assists against the Islanders. And while his team was happy to have him back on the ice, reports are coming out from Pittsburgh that the team is none to happy with their superstar center after he has repeatedly terrified the clubhouse with his horrendously realistic impression of the scene in the 1981 movie “Scanners” where a man’s head explodes like an overripe tomato.

“It was pretty graphic,” teammate James Neal told reporters.  “I mean, we’ll be walking to the ice for practice, and he’ll start rubbing his temples and complaining that he thinks the headaches are coming back, and after a while he starts screaming, ‘Oh no concussion!’ then the next thing you know… pop. His head just explodes. It looks exactly like that scene from ‘Scanners.’ We all rush over and Sid just starts laughing at us. Not cool.”

Crosby reportedly spent much of his free time working with Hollywood special effects artists to make the representation as realistic as possible. When asked for comment, Crosby said, “Man, you should see the look on everyone’s faces when they think that my head exploded from all the concussions. It’s hilarious. Totally worth cleaning up the mess afterwards.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith