It did not take long for former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno to foul up another job.

Paterno was relieved Friday of his duties as a greeter at the Wal-Mart in Pittson, Penn, about five miles outside of Happy Valley. Store personnel said the firing was related to a recent rash of store thefts that happened while Paterno was on duty.

“At the moment we have reason to believe Joe was aware of the thefts of various pieces of merchandise,” said store manager Will Sendell, “or at the very least did not do enough to prevent the crimes that occurred on his watch.”

Over $25,000 worth of merchandise was removed from the store without payment over the past two days, and apparently all of it was taken during Paterno’s shifts. Security cameras show another Wal-Mart employee walking items out the front door in front of Paterno, and Paterno is shown doing nothing to stop them.

“I told my manager that I had heard a 96-inch flat screen television was missing after a stock boy informed me of it,” said Paterno. “I assumed it would be handled from there. I was not aware of the severity of the crimes being committed, though.”

Paterno believes that he will have his job back this weekend once everything gets sorted out. “It’s unfortunate what all those electronics got themselves into. I pray that they will be returned.”

Image by @polkpanther

Tim Baffoe