The Heckler has been poking fun at the sports world since 2003, back when it was still okay to hit a quarterback once in a while. Now it’s time for you to join the fun by writing, publishing and sharing your own Heckler articles.

Step 1: Create A Heckler Account
Create your username via the register link below. Your username will appear with every article you write. Could be your real name. Could be something else.

Step 2: Write & Publish Your Article
The Easy Way: Once you create your username, you’ll be taken to a page where you can write, edit and publish your articles. If that’s too scary, no worries. Just come back to this page and use the handy form below (once you log in it will magically appear). Enter a hilarious headline, the text of your story, then click “Submit Story.” Boom. The story is live.
For Tech-Savvy Hecklers: You want more options? Create your account, then use the WordPress posting site. You will be automatically directed to it, but here’s the link for reference:

Step 3: Share Your Article (and maybe we’ll share it too!)
Alright, so you’ve written your gem. Now you can share it on Facebook, Tweet it to your followers, even tell your mom about it. If enough people dig it or we just find it hilarious, we’ll post it as an official Heckler article and share it with thousands of people on Articles will be selected based on hilarity, but proper grammar and spelling will also be taken into account.


Posting Tips & Notes
You may publish as many stories as you want. Just remember: quantity usually does not equal quality. Also, try to keep things relatively non-offensive. We’re happy to push the boundaries, but articles riddled with f-bombs and defamatory remarks will be deleted. Image submissions will soon be an option.

If you’d like to publish stories without worrying about all this extra copy and direction, bookmark this page for future submissions.